Do you have a "good life"
but still feel like something is missing?

Life's Little Blueprint is here to change that!

It’s not just a course—

it’s a personal journey tailored to help you discover what truly brings you joy and fulfillment.

It's time to find out what actually makes YOU happy.

Life's Little Blueprint  is designed as a guide to help you navigate through the noise and find your own fulfilling definition of happiness.

With LLBp, you’ll engage in a process of deep introspection, supported by our unique AWESOME model, which empowers you to define and create your personal happiness practices.  

Through videos, workbooks, and personal reflection, LLBp helps you explore the nine pillars of a fulfilling life— from character and health to spirituality and love.

Each component is crafted to help you define and align with what happiness means for you in each of these pillars.


What can I expect to achieve by the end of the course?

Expect to gain a deeper understanding of what drives your personal happiness, equipped with practical tools and insights to maintain this fulfillment throughout your life.

How interactive are the cohort sessions? 

Very! Each session is designed to be a mix of celebration, Q&A, and new teachings. It’s a dynamic environment that encourages active participation and personal reflection.  

Our  live cohort sessions are each Saturday in June starting on the first and go from  10-11 AM ET.  If you are unable to make a call, the session will be recorded.

What if I’m not sure which path is right for me? 

We offer three options to suit different learning styles and needs. Feel free to contact us for guidance on which path might be best for you.

How much time should I commit to the course?

While each path has its structure, we generally recommend setting aside 2-3 hours per week to engage fully with the materials and activities.  However, each module is approximately 20 minutes of video/audio so your weekly time commitment is dependent on how you consume the material, how long you take to do the work, and if you are part of the weekly live cohort calls.

Choose your path to personal discovery...


Perfect for those who like to explore at their own pace.


(price will increase to $90 in August)


Explore at your pace, on your terms, with tools designed to help you uncover what happiness means for you.


Dive into structured learning with community support.

Starting May 26th for $90
but join anytime

(price will increase to $360 for October Cohort)


Begins May 26th, concluding on June 29th. 

Immerse yourself in a supportive community with our cohort-based option.

This includes structured weekly updates and a live group coaching call every Saturday at 10AM ET. 

Together, we'll celebrate your wins, answer your questions, and deepen your understanding of the focused modules—all geared towards harnessing collective insights to fuel individual growth.

Personal Guidance with Tobin:

Get personalized, one-on-one sessions over six weeks.

Available for $3600

(price will increase to $5400 in August)


For an intensely personalized experience, work one-on-one with Tobin. 

Includes everything in the Cohort-Based Learning, plus six 90-minute personal coaching sessions. 

Prior to beginning, you’ll have a 15-minute consultation to ensure this path is the best fit for you.

   Cohort Schedule:

Sunday, May 26

Life's Little Blueprint becomes available online.

Saturday, June 1

Welcome, Introduction, and The Pillar of Character:

This week, we'll welcome everyone to Life’s Little Blueprint and dive into the pillar of character. Defining your philosophy and clarifying your vision will help you understand yourself and your values better. Building strong character forms the foundation for living with purpose and intention. With a clearer understanding of who you are, you'll be ready to tackle the challenges ahead and start your journey towards your unique true happiness.

Saturday, June 8

The Pillars of Health and Intellect: 

This week, we'll focus on health and intellectual growth. Our physical, mental, and emotional well-being form the foundation of living fully, while nurturing our minds enriches our experiences and helps us think creatively. With greater clarity in these areas, you'll be empowered to make informed decisions about your well-being and intellectual pursuits, leading to a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Saturday, June 15

The Pillars of Profession, Material Existence, and Financial Prosperity: 

This week, we'll focus on our professional, material, and financial well-being. Excelling professionally means using your unique skills and talents to find purpose and passion in your work. Managing your material resources wisely helps you live in alignment with your values and achieve personal satisfaction. Financial prosperity, when handled smartly, empowers you to feel secure and free, allowing you to live the life you desire. With greater clarity in these areas, you'll confidently navigate your career, resources, and finances to build a life that truly resonates with your definition of happiness.

Saturday, June 22

The Pillars of Social Interactions and Relationships, Spirituality, and Love: 

This week, we'll focus on social interactions, spirituality, and love. Building meaningful relationships enriches our social lives and helps us feel connected to those around us. Exploring spirituality deepens our understanding of purpose and helps us find balance. Embracing love, whether for ourselves or others, creates a fulfilling and joyful life. With greater clarity in these areas, you'll strengthen your connections, nurture your spirit, and cultivate a deeper sense of love and belonging.

Saturday, June 29

Clarity, Questions and Celebration: 

This week, we'll focus on clarifying how to move forward after completing Life’s Little Blueprint. We'll address any lingering questions, provide strategies for continuing your journey, and celebrate your incredible accomplishments. With greater clarity and purpose, you'll confidently embark on the next chapter, equipped to apply everything you've learned and live your most fulfilling life.

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