Choose your path to personal discovery...


Perfect for those who like to explore at their own pace.

Available May 26th for $36

(price will increase to $90 in August)


Gain full access to all course materials, including video, workbook, and audio content on May 26th at 10am ET.

Explore at your pace, on your terms, with tools designed to help you uncover what happiness means for you.


Dive into structured learning with community support.

Starting May 26th for $90

(price will increase to $360 for October Cohort)


Begins May 26th, concluding on June 29th. 

Immerse yourself in a supportive community with our cohort-based option.

This includes structured weekly updates and a live group coaching call every Saturday. 

Together, we'll celebrate your wins, answer your questions, and deepen your understanding of the focused modules—all geared towards harnessing collective insights to fuel individual growth.

Personal Guidance with Tobin:

Get personalized, one-on-one sessions over six weeks.

Available for $3600

(price will increase to $5400 in August)


For an intensely personalized experience, work one-on-one with Tobin. 

Includes everything in the Cohort-Based Learning, plus six 90-minute personal coaching sessions. 

Prior to beginning, you’ll have a 15-minute consultation to ensure this path is the best fit for you.